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   The earnest expectation of this site is that it will be

     a help to provide an understanding of the 

       “completeness” of the truth available through the Bible.

       Yet, that truth is often at odds with common Biblical beliefs.


We offer EVIDENCE of Truth


The following  subjects  may be of particular

      interest to the "Church of God".    


the papers have been written by Dale Howard unless otherwise noted.






The Naked Man


The Fundamentals  


Gods Perfect Calendar


Calendar Facts   NEW


From Fear To Love


Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself


A Worthy Question


The Indispensable Purpose of Need


The Attainment of Truth and Perfection


Worship in Spirit and Truth


Being Profitable


Evaluating The Birthday Memorial


      The Lord's Supper  


Christ Our Passover     


The Shadows of Pentecost and Teruah


From Pentecost to Teruah


Yom Teruah   by Nehemia Gordon


The Day Of “Teruah”  commonly known as “Trumpets”


The New Heaven and The New Earth    


The Day of Atonement


The Bride of Christ   Her Abode and Her Destiny


Moses, Elijah and the Transfiguration


The Eighth Day 


 A Clear Shadow Of The Eighth Day